2024 Virtual Production 101


Introducing Rupture's VP101 initiative – your gateway to the world of virtual production! Are you fascinated by movies, video games, or simulations? Then this beginner-level program is perfect for you. VP101 is designed to teach you the fundamental principles and techniques that power the creation of virtual worlds and digital content across various industries.

In this course, you'll dive into the exciting realm of virtual production. We'll walk you through the essential tools, software, and hardware that professionals use to bring virtual worlds to life. Get ready to explore key concepts like 3D modelling, motion capture, green screen technology, and real-time rendering. But that's not all! VP101 isn't just theory – it's hands-on learning. You'll roll up your sleeves and engage in practical exercises that will allow you to apply your newfound knowledge. Experiment with virtual cameras, roam virtual sets, and discover how to seamlessly blend virtual elements with the real world. VP101 is the stepping stone you need to kickstart your journey in the thrilling and fast-growing field of virtual production.

3 days of hands on foundational
Virtual Production

Course Overview

Day 1

Course Overview
Intro to LED and its use
Pixel Pitch, Brightness Colour and Refresh rates
Limitations of Shooting on a LED Volume
Managing Colour on LED
Open Colour IO
The Video Processor
The Advantages of 3D Engines for Filmmaking
Different kinds of Virtual Production
The Frustum
Cine Vs. Photographic lenses
Confidence monitor in Virtual Production
DMX lighting

Day 2

The Virtual Camera (simulcam)
Sync (gen-lock)
DOF (Degrees Of Freedom)
lens calibration
Depth of Field
Extrinsic and Intrinsic properties of a Lens
Focus and Iris Mapping
Nodal Point Offset
Pixel Pitch

Day 3

Shoot Day!
Hands-on Camera Lighting
Set Ethos
Roles Overview