Unleashing Unreal

Virtual Production includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR), whilst using several tools including high performance computers, high fidelity screens and current day cameras, that allow the real and virtual worlds to collide.

The Unreal Engine has been an adaptive game engine for many years, now also powering visuals on Music Videos, TV Drama, Live Broadcast and Film, from small to large productions. The engine offers the possibility of photo realism, at a frame rate that breaks the mind.

Using the power of Unreal, we can create experiences for Extended Reality which forms part of the Virtual Production ecosystem. XR is a mix of the real and virtual world, for an in-camera experience like no other.

What does Virtual Production do!

Since it encompasses so many elements and it can be overwhelming, the following are just a few examples of where virtual production could be used, whilst implementing either a Green screen or an LED Volume setup. Typically budget would dictate the selection of technique used in some cases, whilst in other projects this will be determined by the scope of the project and how beneficial in-camera results are.


Allow a creative mind to dream, and the wonders that are possible will become endless. Full adverts, segments, or just highly lit images - LED Volumes will offer unlimited options to cater for any product.


Within the same or across the globe, interviews can take place in an XR Studio, creating a cohesive experience for the subjects and the viewers.

Car filming

For tv shows, film, music, have your actors engage within a car, while the world around them moves, accurately reflected with the camera’s position and light reflected by the scene in place. Break barriers, creating cost effective vehicle scenes!

Music Videos

Using real world lighting mixed with virtual worlds, an artist can be teleported to scenes to reflect their songs with a lot less effort than real world location scouting / travelling.

Film scenes

Prepare backgrounds and lighting, to create a scene from a kitchen to a space station, all within the same day.

Live Broadcast

Present news or sports shows with live data illustrated from the real world. External TV footage or pre-recorded videos can also be presented for the presenter to engage with.

DJ (or VJ-ing)

Stream a live show while engaging with a remote audience.

Award Show

Bring in members of your company who are remotely based, presenting them on video feeds such as Zoom within the 3D world with the presenter.

Product Launch

Using the 3D world, the product can be presented in detailed visualisations with statics and other beneficial information.

Theatre Play

Set the scene, bring in the characters, and create the story with a fantastical world or maybe in a dingy dungeon.

Short single scene story

Using one scene, one camera and microphone, create an experience, record, edit and upload it, to present your audience with content in rapid speed.

Motion Capture

With the tracking software and the studio space, motion capture data can be acquired and then used in external programs, or go wild and live puppeteer an avatar and broadcast it.

And much more


At RUPTURE, we work with leading cinema camera brands and high performance modern technologies

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